How To…

Find Recipes

There are several ways to look for recipes on our site:

  1. Browse for recipes by thumbnail from the home screen
  2. Use the tag cloud at the bottom center to search for recipes by the action used
  3. Use the category list at bottom right to search for actions by genre or the action set required
  4. Enter a search term in the box at the bottom right to search the entire site, or to search by the author of the recipe

Use The Recipes

First things first – make sure you have all the required actions.

Most of the recipes are listed as a series of actions you’ll run on your photo, along with the strength of the action (simple enough, huh?)  Run the action, then use the opacity slider to adjust the opacity of the created layer to the indicated strength.

You’ll also notice that there are special instructions accompanying some of the recipes.  Some recipes require you to open up the layer set that an action creates, and tweak some of the layers in there.  Some require you to get your hands dirty with some of the core Photoshop features.  Finally, some will require a texture, or action from a set other than ours.

If you really want to get the look of the photo in the example, pay attention to the overall light, color, and tones of the original.  Even the best actions can’t substitute for good light, good composition, and an interesting subject in front of the lens.

Have fun!