Shelley Freckleton



Shelley and Jeramy Freckleton
Idaho Falls, ID, United States


  1. Lights Out 60%
  2. Yin/Yang 10% flow
  3. Pross Crossessed #2 60%
  4. Contrast 60%
  5. Shadow Separator
  6. Highlight Separator
  7. Get Faded Summer 40%
  8. Boutwell Magic Glasses
  9. Yin/Yang 10% flow (lighten only)

It’s funny, we don’t use Lights Out very often, but I was shooting into the sun to get some sun-flare and so there was a lot of extra light in this pic. It was amazing what a difference just that one action made. Also, we really liked how the Pross Crossessed gave the picture more of a high-fashion look. We use Yin/Yang and Boutwell on almost everything–they are definately some of our faves!