RadLab Recipe Packs

Want to make RadLab work even harder for you? Looking for ideas to guide you down the path of recipe awesomeness? Look no further. Here’s the first Recipe Pack by Totally Rad, exclusively for RadLab users.

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast is a collection of 7 RadLab recipes inspired by the timeless allure of California’s beaches. Put on your hoodie and your flip flops, and get ready to smell the salty breeze.

Download the Pacific Coast Recipe Pack for RadLab Here

Installing Recipes In RadLab

Installing Recipes is super-simple.

  1. Download and extract your recipes to your computer (if necessary)
  2. Open RadLab
  3. Click the “Import” button at the top of the RadLab Library
  4. Navigate to where you saved your recipes on your computer and select the recipes you’d like to import

Check out this video that explains the process in one minute.