Mark Mortensen



Mark Mortensen
Lakewood, CO USA

Setup and basic post-production:

  1. Large Ramose Murex shell (about the size of football) shot in a light tent with 2 AlienBee B800 strobes providing light.  Shell placed on clear plexi-glass sheet with white foam core underneath to get the reflection.
  2. Adjusted horizon to lower third of frame from original capture
  3. Cropped square

Totally Rad Actions Recipe:

  1. Good vs Evil Dodge! from TRA1. Linear gradient mask to blend reflection of shell to white. Opacity 100%
  2. Yin/Yang from TRA1.  Only Yang (Lighter) layer kept.  Painted mask to remove the light tent remnants and punch surroundings to pure white.  Opacity 100%
  3. Good Vs. Evil of TRA1.  Only Burrrnnn! layer kept.  Tried the Yin layer but it didn’t look right to my eye.  Painted mask to darken the almost white shell to give it some contrast.  Opacity 100%
  4. Oh Snap! of TRA1.  No changes to the defaults opacities or masks.  Applied to give the image some extra contrast and punch. Opacity 100%.

Ta Da! pretty shell picture!

Screen Capture