Jason Domingues



Jason Domingues

location:                    Kansas City, Mo USA
location of shot:       Downtown Las Vegas

Shot with:                  Canon 5D w/ an 8mm fisheye screwed onto the front of a 50MM 1.8
ISO: 1250,   F 8.0,  Shutter 1/125

Basic treatment for all my RAW images in ACR

I really tried to get this image distorted in camera, but since the subject wasn’t posed I had a split second to just capture the image…sooooo F-zero to the rescue.

  1. I started with F-zero with the first brush set at 2400 (soft brush) at 100%, one swipe in the center.  I ran the rest of the action and swiped the edges with a 30% brush set at 900 (soft brush).
  2. I then ran pool party set at 40%
  3. I pulled a texture on to the image and created a mask and then set that mask to overlay set to 30%
  4. Ran “better web sharpener”  TWICE and called it a day