Erin Alaine Smith



Hi! My name is Erin Smith. I’m a photographer from Mission Viejo, CA.

I took this photo with my iPhone while driving home today. The quality of the image is most definitely that of a camera phone, but I love the way the TRA made the photo look almost like a painting! After applying the actions, my husband didn’t believe me when I told him I took it with my phone.

Here’s my recipe:

  1. Yang- on field, foreground, and tree to get all parts exposed
  2. Big Blue- on sky, and even a little on the green parts of the tree
  3. Oh Snap
  4. Flare Up (golden)-  flare-up opacity @21%
  5. Vignette & Blur- Edge Burn @9%, Blur @63%
  6. Then I cropped it because I didn’t like so much of the foreground in the photo
  7. Lux(hard) @44% (Just used this action for the first time a few days ago….LOVE IT!)
  8. A Better Web Sharpen