Courtney Cobb



Courtney Cobb
Kansas City, KS USA

The actions I used:

  1. Slice Like A Ninja: 100% overall and 35% on the Bigger Details layer
  2. Boutwell Magic Glasses: 100%
  3. TDW No Glow: 100% Overall and 38% on the TDW No Glow layer
  4. I took a picture of concrete and turned the opacity down to 11%
  5. Lux (hard): 23% overall and 50% opacity on the Warmness layer
  6. Old Skool: 35% overall, 32% on Midtone Bump layer, 20% on Edge Burn layer, 15% on Additional Snappiness layer, 20% on Old Skool Blur layer, and I deleted the the Grain, Contrast Torture, and Warm Toning layers
  7. Prettyizer: 42% overall and 80% on Prettyizer layer
  8. Super Fun Happy: 31% overall, 49% on the Warm Up layer, 40% on Desat Red Channel, 70% on the Super Fun Happy layer