Corin Bishop

Corin Bishop


[Editor's note: this recipe has been edited slightly to be less complicated.  You'll end up with the general effect, though.  Promise.]

Dupe background layer and blur (gaussian 15). Show all mask added and soft brush used to bring back focus on the face. 50% opacity for whole layer.
Sparta @ 50%

Bullet Tooth @ 50%

Make sure layer order is Sparta ABOVE Bullet Tooth in Layers Palette.
Yin to taste on face
Added to texture layers from Texture No1 and No2
Texture No2 overlay 30% and using soft brush remove effect from face, hair and dress (i.e. background only).
Texture No1 Desaturate, overlay 30% and brush off face, hair and dress.
Group all of the above and add a mask. Brush the pupil of the eyes only as I wanted the blue eyes to come back through.