Cassy Bartch



Hello.  My name is Cassy Bartch, I am the owner of Exposures Studio Photography in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This image is from a shoot I did in a coal power plant that is 75 years old.  It’s an incredible old building filled with amazing equipment, texture, grime, coal fired boilers, rust, steam and all the elements a girl could ask for in a location!

Just a side note – I’m not a wedding photographer so I’d love to be chosen for the top or third prizes if I’m in the running.

The recipe I used is as follows…

1. Troy

  1. Extra warming turned off
  2. High Pass at 77%
  3. Selective De-saturation off
  4. Color Curve Tweak 58%
  5. Overall De-saturation 61%

2.  Acid Washed

  1. Partial De-saturation 40%
  2. Tone Curve Break Dance Battle 26%

More images from the shoot can be seen on my blog at