Bridgette Balmes



Bridgette Marie Balmes
I wanted subtle. I was looking for a specific tone that didn’t change gown’s color too much but gave the shot a real mood. There was a authentic captian’s wheel at the top of this house and I had just finished a bridal fashion shoot. The model and I snuck upstairs to capture this at sunset. We took the (fresh off the trunkshow) Oscar de la Renta gown and literally ran away from the stylists. They found us after about 5 minutes…but I had already got the shot.

Here is my subtle recipe:

  1. Yin/Yang all over folds of skirt.
  2. Get Faded (summer) at 20%
  3. Get Faded (autumn) at 15%
  4. Select-o-sharp on the skirt, wheel and dial
  5. Troy- turned off extra warm and selective desat/ CC at 62% and Overall desat at 57%
  6. Slice like a Ninja to sharp at 60%

I love this picture, it was worth the trouble I got into. :)