Amelia Thornton



Amelia Thornton

Toronto, Ontatio, Canada


  1. Yin/Yang at 100% opacity, 25% flow to significantly bring in (darken) the washed out building and some of the dead tree branches. Then yang to lighten the rocks and green shrubs.
  2. Green With Envy at 100% opacity and 25% flow again to green up the bushes and I painted a little bit over some of the rocks to add depth.
  3. Big Blue via the gradient tool at the same settings…this time I started from the top and drew the line down in increments adding more and more blue because although it didn’t really bring in my non-existent sky I loved what happened to the colours…kind of prettyizer without the blur/glow.
  4. Eraser tool with various sized brushes to take the Big Blue off my bride and groom.