RadLab is a cinch to use

Load up an image in Photoshop and click the beaker icon in the RadLab Launcher to open RadLab. Follow these three easy steps to find the perfect style for your photo.

RadLab in 3 Easy Steps | gettotallyrad.com/radlab/

But Wait, There’s More!

RadLab Recipe Packs

Download Recipes

Get more out of RadLab with pre-made recipes. Download a Free Recipe Pack from your friends at Totally Rad.

RadLab Recipe Tutorial

Export and Save Recipes

Learn how to make your own recipes. Then save and export them to share the genius with your friends!

RadLab Batch Processing Tutorial

Batch Process Images

Check out this tutorial to learn how Photoshop and RadLab can tear through thousands of images with ease.

Still need a hand?

Check out the full documentation at our RadLab Support page, or ask us a question. We don’t mind!

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