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Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

TR! Actions

Legendary Photoshop Actions

The Totally Rad! Photoshop Actions have helped thousands of photographers take their images to the next level. We’ve got you covered with easy, one-click adjustments to color, contrast, saturation, and tone. Whether you’re adding a subtle pop to an image, or fixing a problem photo, the Totally Rad Photoshop Actions have powerful tools to help you get it done faster.

TRA1 - The Original Mix

Combine must-have workflow actions with eye-catching color and black and white effects, and you've got the legendary Totally Rad Action Mix. Whether you like bright colors, subdued tones or luminous black and whites, the Totally Rad Photoshop Actions have a wide palette of color and tone treatments to suit nearly any style of photography.

Color Tweaks

Technicolor Dream World | TDW No-Glow | Prettyizer | Super Fun Happy | Super Fun Happy No-Glow | Rusty Cage | Derelicte | Grunge Rock | Pross-Crossessed #1 | Pross-Crossessed #2 | SX-70 | Big Blue | Green With Envy | Cinnamon Toast | Antique Tone

Workflow Basics

Yin / Yang | Oh, Snap! | Vignette & Blur (Fast) | Vignette & Blur (Standard) | Vignette & Blur (HQ) | Contrast + | Contrast + (Luma) | Grainstorm | Sharpen For Web | Boutwell Magic Glasses | Not-So-Magic Glasses | EZ-Burn | Good Vs. Evil | Warm It Up, Kris! | Cool As A Cucumber | Lights On | Lights Out | Pro Retouch | Eye Bump

Black & Whites

Old Skool (Fast) | Old Skool (Standard) | Old Skool (HQ) | Super Old Skool (Fast) | Super Old Skool (Standard) | Super Old Skool (HQ) | Magical B&W | Awesome B&W | Bitchin B&W | Boring Old B&W | Red Filter B&W | Boring Sepia | Boring Selenium | Split Tone #1

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TRA2 - The Revenge

Our follow-up to the much-loved TRA, this set of Photoshop actions brings tons of vintage charm and truly innovative black and whites to your workflow. Plus, we've thrown in a wide variety of sharpening actions, lens effects and some cool textures for good measure.


Detroit | Lith-E-Yum! | In-Faux-Red | Brooklyn | Homestead | Milk and Cookies | B.A.M.F. | B.A.M.F. (16-bit)


Bullet Tooth | Sparta | Troy | Grandma’s Tap Shoes | Pool Party | Acid Washed | Lux (soft) | Lux (hard) | Flare-Up (golden) | Flare-Up (faded) | Get Faded (spring) | Get Faded (summer) | Get Faded (autumn) | Get Faded (winter) | Get Faded (neutral)


A Better Web Sharpen | Straight Edge | Slice Like A Ninja | Cut Like A Razor Blade | J-Sharp | Can-O-Whoopass | Can-O-Whoopass (16-bit) | Crush | Smooth-O-Matic | Select-O-Sharp | Select-O-Pop | Highlight Separator | Shadow Separator | Burn-Out | Punch-Out!!! | Claire-ify | Wish You Were Here | Greetings From Paradise | Orange You Glad…? | Go With The Grain | P.O.S. Lens | f/zero | f/zero – High Quality | f/zero – Super HQ | f/zero – Insane Quality | Beer Goggles | Dirt Bag | Dirty and Used Up | Dirt Lip | Dirty Diana | Dirty Birdie | Dirty Lovin’

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We know you'll want both TRA1 and TRA2, so we're offering a deep discount when you purchase both sets together.

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System Requirements

Compatible with Mac or PC


Each purchase entitles you to install TR! Actions on up to 4 computers, within one studio, business or household

Host Program

TR! Actions requires the following program: Photoshop CS2 or later

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