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Lightroom Presets

LR Presets

Photo by Heather Waraska

Replichrome Film Presets

Replichrome combines systematic research with cutting-edge image science, to give you the most faithful film emulation available.

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The Original LP

Our Lightroom Presets are a new benchmark for flexibility and creativity in raw converters. With 103 presets, encompassing 51 unique tools, the Totally Rad! presets for Adobe Lightroom bring out the best in your images.

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Amped Presets for LR4

Harness the power of LR4’s new RGB curves with AMPED color presets for Lightroom 4. AMPED includes 20 color effects with 3 strengths for each, giving you the power to make your edits subtle or dramatic.

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Photo by Mary Beth Tyson

Unique Color FX

Make your images stand out with unique color effects. A single click gives you great color and sets all the sliders you need.

Rad Black & Whites

Our dramatic black and white conversions push Lightroom to the limit to get the most out of your images.

Photo by Mary Beth Tyson

Easy Basics & Better Autos

Save time with auto presets for tone, color and detail-enhancement that you can use on every image.

Get Local

Includes 9 presets for the adjustment brush, allowing you to finesse every last detail.

Photo by Phoenix Taylor

Amp It Up

Looking to make the most of Lightroom 4? Combine our Original Lightroom Presets with our AMPED presets for the ultimate Lightroom toolkit.

Original Presets Breakdown


Landscape (3 strengths) | Brightside (2 strengths) | A Beginning (3 strengths) | The Auto Family (6 presets) | Electric Skies (3 strengths) | Highlight Hero (3 strengths) | Phil’s Shadows (3 strengths) | Smack My Pix Up (2 strengths) | The Sharpen Family (5 presets)

Black & Whites

Riot Juice | Great White | Grey Matter | Concrete Jungle | 50K (3 strengths) | Bodie (3 strengths) | Sketchy (3 strengths)

Color Effects

Xanadu | Skid Row | Golden Age | Mystery Bus | Crystal Ship | Boogie Nights | Eddie Would Go | Bitchin Camaro | Sweating Bullets | Friendly Confines

Vignettes & Toning

Blue Flame | See-Pee-Ya! | Purple Nurple | Chocolate Rain | Mulletron 3000 | Shower of Gold | Fade Highlights | Afternoon Delight | Vignettes (4 options) | Sloppy Seconds

Local Adjustments

Eye Bump | Bottled Tan | Yin/Yang LR | Makeup Brush | Green with Envy LR | Big Blue LR (3 strengths)

AMPED Presets Breakdown

RGB Curves & Color Effects

Linoleum | Longview | Aqualung | In Bloom | Lilywhite | Even Flow | Penny Lane | Cherry Pie | Purple Haze | Wild Horses | Motorbreath | Brown Sugar | Karma Police | Brass Monkey | Paradise City | Nightswimming | November Rain | Devil’s Haircut | Indian Summer Sky | Island in the Sun

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System Requirements

Compatible with Mac or PC


Each purchase entitles you to install on up to 2 computers, within one studio, business or household

Host Program

Presets requires the following program: Lightroom 4 or later

Photoshop CS6 or later (Camera Raw 7 and up)

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