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Notes On RadLab

All of the random bits of information that don’t quite fit anywhere else can be found here. In random-ish order.

  • RadLab is NOT an action. It actually has nothing to do with actions, and can’t run our actions or anyone else’s. In order to get those nifty, instant previews, we had to build something entirely different, from the ground up. It’s a Photoshop Filter Plugin, which means that it does all its own pixel math. Over the long haul, this gives us MUCH more flexibility in what we can accomplish.
  • RadLab is currently only compatible with RGB images. We might support grayscale in the future by automatically converting an image back and forth between gray and RGB, but we have no planned support for bitmap or CMYK or any other color modes. RadLab was designed for photography first and foremost, and a lot of its processing relies on having RGB images.