Your Guide to M Mode Magic

Your Guide to M Mode Magic

We’ve all had that terrified day when we read on some blog that, "Real photographers shoot in M mode." That moment is always followed by a frantic google search for, "WTF is M mode," and the sudden realization that it is a) terrifying and b) something you have to learn. As always, here at Totally Rad! we have your back. We’ve put together an infographic that gives a brief explanation of all the parts that make M mode so boss. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of photography, or so O.G. you can’t even remember what that little "P" on your camera means it is a great primer for Manual Mode shooting.

Love this infographic and want a copy of it for your camera bag? You can download the

printable pdf here.

The rising tide lifts all ships. So, share our fun Manual Mode breakdown with your photo friends. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and photo tricks and ideas on Facebook , Twitter , and Pinterest .

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