We're sponsoring another Instameet!

We're sponsoring another Instameet!

Photo by @diegoscott83, Typography by @technopaul

Photo by @diegoscott83 , Typography by @technopaul

Update: We’ll be meeting at the entrance to the cove near the lifeguard tower.

The Event

Our iPhone App, PicTapGo , is teaming up with three incredible hosts to sponsor an Instameet this weekend in La Jolla, California . The event is on Saturday, June 8 . We’ll be kicking things off at 12:30pm . It’ll a great time to meet like-minded photographers, experience the Instagram community and have rad adventures in the local caves and beaches in La Jolla. As if that isn’t enough to get you to come hang out with us on Saturday, we’ll be giving a free copy of the app to everyone who attends, and provide a charging station for mobile devices. It’s going to be an incredible day, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on taking amazing photos because of a dead battery. Want to know more about how this whole Instameet thing works? Then check out the one we sponsored in Santa Monica, CA .  

The Hosts

1st Host

Photo by @diegoscott83

Scott Coburn

Scott Coburn, @diegoscott83 , is a graphic design fanatic, and co-author of the #meditation_levitation series . His incredible images blend symmetry and negative space to create a unique aesthetic.

2nd Quote

Skyler Mercure

Skyler Mercure, @Tatum22 , is a Southern California adventurer and founder of the #meditation_levitation series . His gorgeous photos are heavily influenced by his life motto of, “simplicity is better.”

Photo by @Tatum22

3rd Host

Photo by @Kylehahn

Kyle Hahn

Kyle Hahn, @KyleHahn , is a mobile photographer and master of collaboration. His Instagram feed is an incredible mix of his own gorgeous photos, and those he’s teamed up with other photographers to create. Every image is an example of the amazing community of photographers on Instagram.

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