Two New Stylets to Add More Rad to RadLab!

Two New Stylets to Add More Rad to RadLab!

We’ve added two brand new stylets to RadLab! They’re called Handlebar mustache and Skinny Jeans. These little babies will help you get that creamy film feel without ever having to send a roll off to the lab. Finally, a quick, easy way to combine the ease of digital, the power of RadLab, and the joy of film all with the click of a button.

RadLab Rockstars

All you need to do is download and install the latest version! It is simple, easy, and best of all FREE! To download, head on over to this link , hit the download button for your operating system, and once the download finishes run the RadLab installer. No need to uninstall your old version, and you won’t lose your recipes, promise. Next time you run RadLab you’ll find the two new stylets added to RadLab.

RadLab Newcomers

If you haven’t given RadLab a go be sure to check out our snazzy 30 day free trial . It comes with the brand new stylets as well as the 78 original RadLab stylets. That means it has 80 ways to conquer your workflow.
Huzzah! You have the latest version of RadLab installed! Now the only thing left to do is share some of your photos that rock a Handlebar Mustache or Skinny Jeans with the RadNation! on Facebook or Twitter .
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