Casia and Eric Fletcher create & innovative portrait work in Tucson, Arizona. They’ve married for three years and together for seven. married for three years and together for seven.

Casia has been shooting since school, when her Uncle sent her a Canon EOS film camera. She experimenting with it until deciding to pursue photography college. (Yes, a portrait photographer with a degree in photography! A first in the TRA interviews !) !)

Purple Nickel was founded in 2007, Casia went solo for a year, until Eric came along to help kids on family shoots. When a camera was slipped into his hands, portrait duo found their groove. portrait duo found their groove.

That’s right, TWO photographers attend family portrait session. While Casia shoots the parents, handles the kids - or when Casia shoots up close, Eric second-shooting the bigger picture. Their aesthetic lends itself albums that allow their images to both tell a story and to details of location shoots. They’re big fans of Couture Book . .

Purple Nickel is not yet a full- gig, making Casia and Eric masters of the busy schedule. handles all client contacts, blogging, phone calls, and processing after returning from her retail job, while Eric albums between architectural jobs. Both photographers use their off to take clients to dinner and hold client sessions. (Whew!) off to take clients to dinner and hold client sessions. (Whew!)

Prospect dinners are a unique facet the Purple Nickel experience. Before booking a session with Nickel, Casia and Eric take their potential clients to dinner. talk style, location, wardrobe, and overall vibe over entrees excited chatter. (Yes, sometimes prospects don’t book. But mostly,they do.) they do.)

After the shoot, the Fletchers to clients’ homes to do in-person ordering sessions. Projection vaulted their sales to a highly-profitable realm, and they delight spending more time with their clients. Despite having the same quality in prior years, a lackluster online proofing solution didn’ allow clients to connect with their brand and translated into sales. They’re delighted to have found Into the Darkroom ‘s system for giving clients a 24-hour preview before visiting homes. homes.

“Our average sale with the company wasn’t ever over $200. There was no connection! It’s 8 to times more now.” - Casia Fletcher, on the importance of in- sales


“It was so important to get in of these people and show them our passion,” says Eric. They Purple Nickel growing into a full-time operation in the next years. When they’re not shooting, these two find themselves by Dwell magazine, the Anthropologie catalog, and the world of Outfitters . .

Ultimately, these two give us out-of-the-box look at success in photography today. Their to convey a unique aesthetic while creating amazing connections is truly remarkable. connections is truly remarkable.

Visit the Purple Nickel website , or click here to listen to the interview. to listen to the interview.

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