The Soundtrack Of Totally Rad!

The Soundtrack Of Totally Rad!

One of the funnest things about the Totally Rad Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets is the wild names.  From cryptic to crass, to playfully sarcastic, each name evokes the spirit of the Photoshop action or Lightroom preset it denotes, but most of them also reference something else that inspires the staff of Totally Rad.  Many of the names come from songs or bands we like, and so naturally, we began to wonder what all those songs would sound like together.  Here is the result, which you can view on iTunes, and if you’re a hardcore fan, download and listen to while you edit (+10 radness, +5 intelligence, -5 productivity):

Some of the names are obvious, and some not so much.  Here are some notes from Doug on the more cryptic selections:

Some other random notes on the names, while we’re at it…

That’s all for now - the rest will have to remain shrouded in mystery… How many of the songs in that list do you already own?  +50 rad points to the person who had the most (and another 50 if you actually bought them :)

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