Review: Drop It Modern Snap iPhone Case

Review: Drop It Modern Snap iPhone Case

I’m always on the lookout for cool stuff for photographers, and when I heard about the Snap iPhone 4 cases from Drop It Modern I knew I’d have to get my hands on it for a review. The case is designed to look like a retro viewfinder camera, and comes in black, wood grain, and white.  It snaps nice and snug right onto the back of your iPhone.


Before writing a review I made sure to snap the case onto my phone for a couple of weeks to get a good feel for it. The case drew a few compliments, and all in all I was pretty happy with it. It looked cool, and the surface wasn’t too tacky so it didn’t pull my pockets inside out whenever I tried to answer a call. I’ve gone through a lot of phone cases, and my greatest pet peeve has always been when a case peels up the corners of my screen protector. I was super pleased with the fact that this is a snap case, which means instead of sliding your phone into it, you just clip the case right onto the back. The case doesn’t cover the corners of your screen, so voila, no ugly bubbles if you have a protector on. I was kind of nervous about how well the case could protect my phone, it lacks some of the bulkiness that you see in a lot of cases, but those fears were put rest when my phone took a HARD fall while I was unloading my car. The Snap case didn’t survive hitting the concrete, but it rescued my phone, which was 100% okay.  You really couldn’t ask for more.

The Good

  • Great design.
  • Doesn’t cover the corners of your screen.
  • Won’t stick to the inside of your pockets.
  • Doesn’t obstruct the ear jack like a lot of bulkier cases do.
  • Sturdy enough to rescue your phone in a fall.

The Bad

  • Won’t properly fit a Verizon iPhone.
  • If it does have to protect your phone in a fall it martyrs itself to do so.
PS – In the interest of full disclosure, we should mention that we received a handful of cases from Drop It Modern to write this review. See the legal section of our site below for more.
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