RadLab + Video: Like Peas and Carrots

RadLab + Video: Like Peas and Carrots

RadLab + Video = Magic

In the not too distant past, somewhere on planet earth, possibly in a wizard’s lair far beneath a castle, the good people at Faded + Blurred had a EUREKA moment. They discovered a simple method for using RadLab to edit video. Oh yes! You read that correctly. After watching the tutorial video below, you’ll have the knowhow to edit video with your favorite Photoshop plug-in.

Be sure to share any videos you’ve edited with RadLab with us on Facebook . Please keep ‘em PG-13 though, some things cannot be unseen.

Faded + Blurred RadLab Recipe Packs

The mad scientists over at Faded + Blurred have also pumped out FOUR free recipe packs for RadLab. You can download their rad recipe packs at the links below.


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