Radlab Recipe Contest: Win an iPad!

Radlab Recipe Contest: Win an iPad!

You’re a photo editing rock star, a Photoshop master, your bag of photographer tricks knows no bounds, and now is the time to share your prowess. We’re having a recipe contest, and not only will you get to show off your amazing images, but you can also come away with some rad prizes.

How To Play

  1. Work your photo editing magic with RadLab (and RadLab alone). No RadLab? No problem. You can try it free for 30 Days !
  2. Submit your little slice of Photoshop glory through our BRAND NEW recipe submission page before February 20th.
  3. After the 20th vote for your favorite recipes when we release the best submissions into a no holds barred cage match. The three recipes with the most votes will be declared our champions on February 27th.

The Prizes

What are you waiting for?! A crazy inspirational speech? Fine, checkout this one from Braveheart . Now, get out there and submit your amazing images!


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