RadLab Giveaway!

RadLab Giveaway!

The Winners!!!

We have our lucky five! Thanks for playing!

  1. DavidPaulPosey
  2. scottgattis
  3. mccormackbrian
  4. SheriAllisonNC
  5. ReneeTurpin

We will be contacting you soon!

The Plan

We are t-minus 24 hours until the official release of RadLab ! We’ve decided to run a little contest, and five lucky winners will be able to get their hands on our latest and greatest for free! All you need to do is post a tweet with a link to the RadLab product page and use the hash tag #RadLab  between 10 a.m. Monday August 1st and 10 a.m. Tuesday August 2nd. That’s it! Quick, painless, and if you’re lucky you’ll be editing with RadLab like a pro this time tomorrow. Godspeed!

How To Be  A Winner

  1. Tweet this link:  https://bit.ly/getradlab
  2. Use this Hash Tag: #RadLab
  3. Be Lucky
Disclaimer: Only one entry per person. Don’t spam your friend’s Twitter feeds, it just isn’t polite. 
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