Our Favorite Photo Resources!

Our Favorite Photo Resources!

Fun fact! The Totally Rad! HQ is full of photo nerds! Everyone on staff is a photographer, and 99% of the team comes from a professional photography background. When we’re not developing your favorite photo tools we’re reading the bookcases of photo books that line the office walls, browsing photo mags, and chatting about the latest gear (Of course, we try to keep things civil ‘cause we’re split 50/50 Nikon vs. Canon). Since we’re constantly reading up on industry news we wanted to take a minute to share some of our staffer’s favorite photo sites. Since we’re constantly reading up on industry news we wanted to take a minute to share some of our staffer’s favorite photo sites.

Doug Boutwell

Owner, CEO

My favorite is Luminous Landscape . It’s always been an enlightening source of info about how digital camera technology is relevant to photographers. Technically competent, but ultimately concerned with the technology as practical image-making tools.

Luminous Landscape

Chenin Boutwell

Owner, Director of Marketing

Instagram is a constant source of photography inspiration for me. Instagram photographers are presented with a difficult task - use a basic camera and make compelling photos of often mundane day-to-day events. Although admittedly overgrown with photos of people’s feet and lunches, there are beautifully simple and truly honest photos to be discovered on Instagram every day.


Geoff Scott

Senior Software Engineer

My favorite resource is actualy a person. Katrin Eismann shares links to many photography related articles and sites on the web. I follow her on Facebook and Instagram . My favorite photo site is APhotoEditor . The Daily Edit in particular keeps me coming back. It shows page spreads from magazines highlighting great photography.


Mark Mendez

Graphic Designer

My favorite resource is Craig Mitchelldyer. He and I went to high school together and was the first to introduce me to the many uses of photoshop and digital photography by use of a negative scanner (1994-98). Now he’s the official photographer for the MLS soccer team, the Portland Timbers, he’s a regular photographer for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, US Today, Associated Press, and a very solid portrait and wedding photographer.


Jeremiah Bonjean

Community Manager

I love strobes! I’m a giant tech nerd, and setting up a bunch of tiny lights in new and exciting ways to get better results is absolute heaven. Naturally, Strobist is my Mecca. Strobist

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