Now Hiring! Director Of Marketing And Sales

Now Hiring! Director Of Marketing And Sales

Totally Rad! Inc. is looking for an enthusiastic Director of Marketing and Sales to evangelize our products. Are you charismatic, independent, and confident? Do you have experience working in advertising or marketing? Do you love photography? Then read on!

About The Position

You’ll be responsible for helping to develop the overall marketing strategy for Totally Rad, and for crafting compelling, relevant, effective content for our various marketing and sales endeavors. You will also help establish and maintain relationships with key industry players. Because we are a small company, you’ll be working closely with a core group of talented people, and you will have a chance to make a significant impact. Your responsibilities will be varied, and you’ll have a lot of independence. In short, you’ll be the person in charge of taking our product to the masses and getting them to buy it.

About You

About Us

We are a small software company in Orange County, CA, specializing in photography enhancement software. Since 2007, we have been building a loyal following in the professional and serious amateur photography market. Our newest product, RadLab , is set to revolutionize how photography effects are created in post-production. We have a laid-back office. The boss has only worn a tie to the office twice, and once it was ironically. Our customers love us. The chairs are expensive, the computer screens are big, and the headphones are made by Bose. Coffee’s free. We are all passionate about our work, but we’re committed to a sensible life balance as well. Our lead engineer once said that this job was the first he could remember where he had never been angry at work. We’re not perfect, but we’re getting better… Sound like the job for you? Hit us up with a resume and cover letter at , and let’s do this.

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