When we used Twitter to ask who you wanted to see interviewed, you were all about Michelle Moore . And for good reason. This Seattle-based Senior and fashion photographer rocks our world with her aesthetic. Think Anthropologie meets Nylon meets the Sartorialist meets down-to-earth-humble-lovely.

Michelle Moore started out shooting APS film in her teens. (Remember APS? Small, medium, and panoramic photos?) She enjoyed taking pictures of clouds. It’s no surprise, then, that she went on to major in Atmospheric Science at the University of Washington. This Science geek was on the road to working in a lab and tinkering with weather all the livelong day. Then a friend asked her to shoot his band. Just for fun. From there, Michelle found herself shooting indie band promotional materials and live shows around campus.

The photographic past-time grew on her, leading to a switch of Majors. She graduated with a degree in Art, eventually abandoning the supplementary retail jobs that kept her afloat to work in photography full-time. For Michelle, full-time is six sessions a week, year-round. As you might guess, her battles with Seattle’s weather aren’t nearly as daunting as time management for this 25-year-old’s company!

She cites vendor Photobiz as hosting and creating her online proofing software, and has recently started using Colorati to keep up with her daunting post-processing queue. Michelle admits that it’s hard for a slightly-OCD, obsessive artist to let go of post-processing, but it had to be done. Other growing pains in her business led her to leave weddings behind, as they were overshadowing her fashion and senior work.


As for her current images, Michelle says, "My product is about high school girls and making them feel awesome about themselves." With the help of a team of make-up artists and a go-to stylist, feeling awesome is a sure side effect of stepping in front of Moore’s camera. She insists on working with clients who are respectful of what she does, marketing a great deal through a successful Facebook group. Moore’s Facebook group has led to finding Senior reps and has created a go-to group of raving fans who spread word-of-mouth raves like wildfire.

Michelle reveals that she shows only work she wants to be creating, editing Senior boys out of the blog and refusing to show off any work that doesn’t contribute to her brand aesthetic. She’s happiest when a Senior girl arrives with a suitcase full of outfits and ideas. Once the shoot is finished, Moore prefers to sell her work in album form. She says Asuka albums are quite popular with the Senior crowd and Moms alike, adding that the age of the 20x30" formal portrait on display in the family room has passed.



Committed to the environment (she apologizes for buying too many magazines each month), Moore’s marketing materials and thank-you cards are printed on eco-friendly stock from ProDPI . She admits to being blown away by their unique selection of offerings and their customer service at WPPI last year.

And what about Michelle’s personal life? She has a boyfriend. While there’s no engagement ring in the picture, she’s quick to tell us who would be shooting her wedding: Sean Flanigan , Angelica Glass , and Amelia Lyon . (Not that she’s thought about it, or anything. Ahem .)

Moore is inspired by fabulous cinematography, unique film recording processes like handheld cameras, and the lush colors of any given movie.

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