The Importance of Editing Consistency Q + A With Keith Cephus

The Importance of Editing Consistency Q + A With Keith Cephus

If you have TRA-1 and TRA-2 you have 103 options for editing your images, and that is running only a single action on your image, not mixing or matching, and that number is pretending that you don’t own the presets or Dirty Pictures. At Totally Rad! we really take Photoshop from a boring, hard to use program, and turn it into a carnival. There is a slight problem with this though. Like every kid finds out on November first, after eating his or her Halloween candy by the fistful, there really can be too much of a good thing. One of the best ways to use our actions is for consistency. They really help you develop a look for a shoot, and then continually deliver images with the same style and feel for a client. This helps your future clients rest easy and know what to expect from your photography, and a consistent and unique look will really strengthen your brand. It will feel more like the quality business, and less like a teenager trying to find them self by backpacking through Europe. I recently came across a blog post by Keith Cephus , and it is the perfect example of using Totally Rad! to deliver images with a consistent look to your clients. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with him, and get him to answer a few questions about editing for consistency, and he was gracious enough to let us share his awesome images on our blog.

Q + A With Keith Cephus

Why is it important to have a consistent style when you edit images?

[It] is important for me to consistently edit my images for a variety of reasons. First of all, editing is what identifies my brand. I try to keep my images fresh looking and not over processed. If I’m going for a vintage theme, I try to keep it consistent from beginning to end. That way you have a constant flow throughout your story.

How did you decide on a style? There are so many creative ways to edit photographs, how were you able to choose just one?

How choose my style based on the personality of my client. There are a variety of actions that comprise my style. I usually go with a vintage look to create a classy-cool feel for my really “hip” clients. Totally Rad Troy or Bullet Proof are my preferred choices. Lux “hard” and Sparta are also used in the mix. For my more conservative clients, I keep it simple by using Boring Old B & W or take it to the city lights of Brooklyn !!

Visual styles and trends change all the time. If you’ve been delivering consistent images for a while, and want to make a visual change, how would you suggest going about it?

Subtle changes are more effective. Keep in mind that you have several hundred people that view your website and blog daily for inspiration. Drastic changes going from a clean B & W to a harsh “grundge” effect might deter your followers. Just be mindful of that. Continue to do what got you where you are today and continue to evolve with subtleness.

Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to develop their own style?

The best advice for the novice photographers out there is to be original and come out of the box. Take risks when the opportunity presents itself. It’s okay to be inspired by other artists but don’t try to duplicate another person’s style. Be definitive. If everyone in your market has a vintage feel in his or her style, go an entirely different direction. My style is very fashion forward and my clients love it. I’m not for every bride but the brides who commission me will tell you that the “Keith Cephus” experience is well worth the investment!!

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