Introducing the Pacific Coast Recipe Pack!

Introducing the Pacific Coast Recipe Pack!

The Pacific Coast

There is nothing like it in the world. The wood smoke puts off a smell like no other, it lazily curls and swirls in the offshore breeze; the scent clinging to your favorite hoodie, lingering there, acting as a reminder of this night for weeks to come. The sounds of distant gulls, the crashing waves, the laughter of your friends all combining into a dissident symphony. The harsh contrast of the cold sand and the hot bonfire, the taste of s’mores, the high spirits, it all combines to make one of hundreds of fond memories of summer nights in Southern California. Here at Totally Rad! we’re beach people. We love to hit the waves before work, have bonfires after it, and always always walk to lunch. There is an undeniable beauty and joy working just a few short miles from the California Coast. It inspires us, drives us, and for our first recipe pack we wanted to share that inspiration with you. We’re happy to introduce the Pacific Coast Recipe Pack. It is a collection of 7 RadLab recipes inspired by California’s best beaches, crafted by our very own Doug Boutwell exclusively for RadLab, and is completely free. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and the experiences that inspired it.

Download the Pacific Coast Recipe Pack for RadLab Here Installing Recipes In RadLab Installing Recipes is super-simple.

  1. Download and extract your recipes to your computer (if necessary)
  2. Open RadLab
  3. Click the “Import” button at the top of the RadLab Library
  4. Navigate to where you saved your recipes on your computer and select the recipes you’d like to import

Check out this video that explains the process in one minute.

RadLab - Importing Recipes from Totally Rad! on Vimeo .  

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