Holiday Gift Guide 2012!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012!

Let’s face it, creating a Christmas list is the worst. We’ve put together this snazzy guide to some of the coolest stuff available for photographers. Now when your mom calls and asks, "What do you want for Christmas?" you can just send her a link. Of course, you’re on your own for teaching her how to buy things over the internet. ;)


  1.   Snapshots Camera Flask ($24.00)   This rad little flask is the perfect thing for a pick me up during a long shoot.
  2. Camera Lens Mug ($30.00-$35.00)   If coffee is a bit more up your photographer’s alley for a pick-me-up, this mug is the perfect way for them to get their fix.
  3. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster ($9.50)   This adorable little guy is just what a photographer needs to make dust spots a thing of the past.
  4. Couch Camera Straps ($20.00-$35.00)   Couch is an awesome Etsy shop that offers tons of camera straps. A great way to add a little personal flair to a photographer’s gear.

Under The Tree: Gifts Below $200


  1. Photography Books (Price Varies)   You can never go wrong with a book of inspirational photos. We’ve been loving  Last Launch   by Dan Winters.
  2. La Sardina 33mm Camera ($108.00)   We’re in LOVE with this adorable little camera. The perfect gift for the vintage film aficionado.
  3. Capture Clip System ($79.99)  This innovative clip lets you attach your dSLR to any bag! Great for the photographer on the go.
  4. Any Camera Bag from Kelly Moore ($149.00-$229.00)   Kelly Moore makes stylish bags for men and women that don’t look like they were designed by a math teacher. The perfect fit for the photographer/fashionista.


We’re  Gonna Need A Bigger Bow: Gifts With No Budget

  1. Hi-Matic 7s Mahogany ($2,225.00)   This mahogany encased 35mm camera goes great with your many leatherbound books.
  2. Cintiq ($3,699.00)   This monitor doubles as a “tablet” letting you use a stylus right on the screen! It is just behind Pro Retouch 2.0 as the best thing to happen to portrait retouching.
  3. Professional Grade Lenses (However much you want to spend)   Because what photographer couldn’t use more glass?
  4. Leica M9 Hermes ($50,000.00)   This $50,000 camera is just the thing for the jetsetter of the family. Since we turned you onto the perfect gift, mind inviting us to your private island for the holidays?

What is on your list?

You’ve seen our Christmas list. Now we want you to tell us what’s on yours. What photo related gifts are you crossing your fingers for this year? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter .

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