We sent some question-y goodness over to Southern California shooting dream team He & She , and they responded in a big-bold-badass way.  We’ve decided to split their interview into questions + Totally Rad eye candy, with more goodness hitting next week!

TRA: What do you do in the world of photography?

He & She: We are artists who happen to weddings. I think that’s the most honest way to look at what we do. We are inspired by the moments that unfold around us, and so naturally lean towards a photojournalistic approach. In terms translating what we observe into art, we put our creativity into through our perspective, hoping to capture moments in ways people don’t see them. Or at least that’s the goal, anyway

In art school (where I got my BFA graphic design, and Erin in creative photography), there was pressure for us to produce material with heavily weighted concepts, but Erin and I could never fall into making that kind of work. professor once told me that “happy art” is the hardest art produce successfully. I think that’s why we were so intrigued wedding photography. We saw an opportunity to make happy work, and didn’t hurt that we were both drawn to portraiture (or pictures of people… the word portrait bores me!) There’something to be said for work that makes you happy in the process. something to be said for work that makes you happy in the process.

When it comes to how our work perceived, I think we’re both more than slightly paranoid creating imagery that is overly glamorous or dramatic imagery. wouldn’t use the word romantic to describe our work. We beautiful imagery, of course, but it’s the cliché, glowing, running arms wide spread in a field, gag me with a spoon imagery we try to steer clear of  

And to do that, we try to keep influenced by images and designs aren’t wedding based.

TRA: What gets you two inspired?  How do you realize your vision? What gets you two inspired?  How do you realize your vision?

He & She:   We surround ourselves with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s fashion photography, or magazines, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the realm of wedding photography. We try to focus on simplicity think about basic design elements like form, shape, line, color, of course light when it comes to photography. When Erin and I setting up a shot, we try to narrow down our purpose, cutting out distractions. Sometimes we’ll set up a shot and be taking that we aren’t necessarily interested in, in anticipation of certain moment. Once it happens, whether it’s a laugh or a kiss, it’s on like Donkey Kong. We play off of the connection that our clients have, which always keeps things fresh. We don’t want to get in way of that. way of that.



TRA: Care to share the recipe for this image?

He & She:

Pro Retouch - 75%

Flare up (Golden) - 10%

Yin/Yang — 40%

Contrast - 27%

Warm it up Kris - 40%

Pool Party - 20%

Get Faded (Autumn) - 15%

Get Faded (Winter) - 20%

Vignette + Blur (standard) - 25%

Wish You Were Here - 30%

Boutwell Magic Glasses - 30%

(Their recipe uses actions from both the Original Totally Rad Action Mix and TRA2: The Revenge .) Check back next week for more from He & She !  ! 


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