Guest Post: Pretty Photos Look Pretty On Search Engines

Guest Post: Pretty Photos Look Pretty On Search Engines

You spend hours editing photos. Do them justice by giving your photos the exposure they deserve.

Before I teach you how to optimize your photos, let me share with you a new Photoshop Action - Totally Rad! Pro-Retouch 2 . The last thing we need is to plug search engines with ugly photos.

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Pretty Photos …

When I started out in photography, I was enamored by Doug Boutwell’s creative style and unique demeanor. So, when he released his original Pro-Retouch years ago, I was probably one of the first people to buy it. I fell in love with the script. And with the release of 2.0, I got fall in love … all over again.

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Using the new actions, I was able to remove glare from sweat, smooth roughness in skin and improve eye contrast! The best part was that I did this all in less than a minute . These are the items I used:

It’s difficult to tell the difference in juxtaposition, so I made a GIF file. Despite the degraded quality, the improvements are more discernable.


… Look Pretty on Search Engines

Remember that Google and other search engines are just computers. They cannot tell what a photo is about, so you have to sort of give them hints. When it comes to getting your pictures to show up on search engines, there are three areas to focus on.

There’s actually a bit to expound on, so you can continue reading more here — How to Get Your Images to Show Up on Google .

In 2009, I hosted a nationwide workshop tour for SEO strategies. Since then, search engines have made many updates of which I included in an e-book; coupled with more advanced strategies. Here is a testimonial from my 2009 workshop.

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SEO E-Book for Modern Available on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 here It is the most comprehensive 126-page SEO strategies e-book for photographers with proven success.

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