Getting Noticed With a DIY Twitter Background

Getting Noticed With a DIY Twitter Background

Hello, my name is Jeremiah, and I have a Twitter problem. Whew, it feels good to admit it. Seriously though, I’m not talking a "check it a few times a day" problem. I mean more to the tune of pulling over to respond to an @ problem. With my beloved Twitter’s rise in popularity, there are more and more people out there to follow whether it is a photographer you love, a favorite comedian, or a news service. Twitter has become saturated with noise- a noise that it can be super easy to get lost in. The good news is that there are tons of ways to help separate you from all the static. One really simple way is to customize the look and feel of your Twitter. With more and more people getting their Twitter fix through apps, this method may seem slightly dated, but it goes a long way to show people that you care about even the little things for your brand. The how-to is super simple. If you go to the design tab under you account settings, you will see the standard Twitter backgrounds, and the options to change both your design colors and add a background image. Setting the color palette is really easy. You just follow along with the labels. But choosing a background image can get a little tricky. I wasn’t joking when I said changing the color palette was easy. If you ever meet a Twitter exec, give them a hug from me because of how simple they made this.

When choosing a custom background image, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The first is that “new” Twitter uses a scaling method, which means that your background is going to look different for different people. Because of this, if you’re choosing something that will be tiled, it is best to select something that is a graphic, seamless, or a collage of images. If you are going to go with a large image, you should have it fade into a solid color, rather than have it start to repeat. Here is the gettotallyrad Twitter as an example of what you want to create. Notice how the background tiles beautifully.

And here is a version of my Twitter showing what you don’t want. Notice how horrifying my coffee mug looks as it is repeating? Yup, I made my Twitter look like that for you Rad Nation. That shameful display is a measure of how much I love you.

After you have chosen an image or graphic for your new background, you just need to make sure it is under 800k, a Jpeg, GIF or PNG and upload it to Twitter. Hit “Save Changes,” and you’re rocking a custom account.

There is one last thing you should do. Try it out! Most browsers have free extensions available that make it really easy to resize your browser window, and see your Twitter how other monitors see it. I would suggest Firesizer for Firefox, ResizeMe for Safari, and Window Resizer for Chrome. Have you tried it out? Does it work on most monitors? GOOD! Now, get out there and GET NOTICED! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Mention us on Twitter @gettotallyrad so we can check out your awesome backgrounds!

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