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December 7 2012

Because creating a Christmas list is the worst. We’ve put together this snazzy guide to some of the coolest stuff available for photographers. Now when your mom calls and asks, “What do you want for Christmas?” you can just send her a link. Of course, you’re on your own for teaching her how to buy things over the internet. ;)

September 18 2012

You shot the photos, toiled away editing, and it is finally time to send away for prints. Just one problem, your printer offers a TON of paper options, and you have no idea which to choose. Lucky for you the good people at ProDPI are here to help.

August 23 2012

Lets face it, branding is a scary thing. Luckily, there are talented people out there like the heroes at B!G DEAL BRANDING who can help. B!G DEAL BRANDING offers brand strategy for new and used photographers. They make sure you own who you are, find your voice, attract the right clients, and create a surefire plan to get you where you want to go.

April 11 2012

Our totally bitchin’ Facebook Community just got a HUGE facelift. If you give our page a like you now have exclusive access to a 15% discount code, a very special recipe pack, a set of free actions, and discounts to some of our favorite vendors!

December 23 2011

Oh yes, on the twelfth day of Christmas Totally Rad! gave to you…a 15% off holiday sale! Yup, today everybody wins! You just need to enter the discount code TREATYOURSELF at checkout.

December 21 2011

Today’s lucky winner is going to get to rule the school with a lifetime membership to the b school! A prize valued at $1,000!!! Oh yes, today’s prize with worth a grand!

December 20 2011

Today’s giveaway courtesy of Paislee Press will help you get your personal images (and yes, those of your clients, we wouldn’t want to forget them) off your computer and onto your walls and photo books where your memories can be seen and not forgotten on some computer.

December 19 2011

Today’s lucky winner will be able to choose a Sitehouse style group to help them develop their website and brand.

December 18 2011

The Kelly Boy Bag brings sexy back faster than a 2006 pop culture reference, and we’re super excited to be giving one away today!

December 17 2011

When it comes to prints few people do it as well as ProDPI. Their service is unbelievable, ordering prints is easy, their prices are fair, and the finished product is GORGEOUS. Today’s lucky winner is going to walk away with a $200 store credit to everyone’s favorite printer.

December 15 2011

For day four of our 12 Days of Giveaways Colorati is giving away a $300 credit towards any service! That is right, one lucky winner will be able to hire these Photoshop mercenaries to help conquer their workflow!

December 14 2011

One lucky winner will be taking home both the Workshop Workbook and the Pocket Full of Poses guide, a full $500s worth of business savvy to help take their studio to the next level.

December 13 2011

We’re keeping the 12 Days of Giveaways magic going by giving away $300 in credit to IntoTheDarkroom!

December 12 2011

It is finally here! We’re kicking off our 12 Days of Giveaways with the Ona Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack! Yes, you heard that correctly, you can win one of the most gorgeous and expensive camera bags on the market!

October 6 2011

We’ve scoured the globe, and have found four camera bags that won’t earn you a wedgie in gym class or could double as a purse. Four manly camera bags for the photographer who is ready to dress to impress.

August 1 2011

We’re giving away RadLab, our innovative, game changing new product to five lucky people. Learn how to be the winniest warlock inside.

July 12 2011

The good people over at Drop It Modern just came out with a brand new product that will dress up your iPhone with all the nostalgia of a viewfinder camera.

March 22 2011

Learn about how the B school 2.0 has managed to deliver all of the benefits of going back to school, but without the worry of the Thursday morning swirley that was the bane of your years as a junior higher, wait, that was just us? Oh…

March 17 2011

I got to see Joe Mcnally and David Hobby give a workshop on small flashes. It was so beautiful I may have cried a little bit.

December 25 2010

The TRA crew is taking some time off, so your support tickets will take a bit longer than usual to process…hang in there, and sip some eggnog while you refresh your e-mail inbox.

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