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February 18 2013

For this week’s tutorial Jeremiah breaks down another FAQ. He walks us through creating, exporting and importing RadLab recipes.

January 17 2013

After nearly two decades in daily journalism as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic and The Chicago Tribune Paul Gero transition his career into portraiture and wedding photography. He is a die hard RadLab fan, and we’re very excited to feature him in a mini-interview.

August 21 2012

As part of RadLab’s birthday celebration we’ve decided to round-up all the RadLab recipe packs into one place! Join us for an editing hootenanny and pick up any of the free recipe packs that you’re missing from the links inside.

August 1 2012

RadLab just turned one, and to celebrate we’re launching RadLab version 1.3! Along with all the great things you know and love we’re adding tons of amazing new features! Details inside!

May 22 2012

Don’t miss out out on our completely FREE webinars and tutorials! Details on the next Happy Hour With Doug RadCast and some free goodies inside!

April 25 2012

Importing and exporting recipes is a snap with RadLab! Check out these tutorials to be a photo editing iron chef!

April 11 2012

Our totally bitchin’ Facebook Community just got a HUGE facelift. If you give our page a like you now have exclusive access to a 15% discount code, a very special recipe pack, a set of free actions, and discounts to some of our favorite vendors!

February 17 2012

It is an exciting time over here at Totally Rad! We started a Pinterest account, are making the trip to WPPI, and stage one of our recipe contest is coming to a close! More details inside!

February 7 2012

You’re a photo editing rock star, a Photoshop master, your bag of photographer tricks knows no bounds, and now is the time to share your prowess. We’re having a recipe contest, and not only will you get to show off your amazing images, but you can also come away with some rad prizes.

January 12 2012

Faded and Blurred discovered a simple method for using RadLab to edit video. Oh yes! You read that correctly, after watching the tutorial video below you’ll have the know how to edit video with your favorite Photoshop plug-in.

November 10 2011

We’ve released our first official recipe pack for RadLab! It is inspired by the California Coast and is absolutely free.

February 17 2011

A few simple recipes that will give your images a nice little kick.

December 1 2010

To bring this photo from Facebook fan Melissa McMurchy into the land of un-yellow-white balance, we grabbed actions from both the Original Set and TRA2: The Revenge.

November 24 2010

All the cool kids will be at the Totally Rad store on Black Friday — November 26, 2010! Action sets and Dirty Pictures, normally priced at $149, will be just $109.

November 18 2010

The Original Totally Rad Action Mix and one of our free Facebook actions spiffs up this moment, captured by Deborah Ouzts.

November 8 2010

A quick dose of The Original Totally Rad Action Set and a pop of Get Faded from TRA2: The Revenge create today’s Facebook Dump to Diamond recipe!

October 30 2010

Rad Nation:  we are almost out of new recipes to share with all y’all on our Photoshop Recipes site! EEKS!  Help us out, pretty please? We can’t post all the recipes that come our way, […]

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October 26 2010

Let’s say you blew the exposure when you were shooting jpeg. You can throw the photo out, you can cry a lot…or you can get painterly on it.

October 18 2010

Adrianne Kimbrell submitted this Dump to Diamond photo via our Facebook wall, saying she couldn’t quite get it to the WOW place. (Forgive the FB compression + sharpening mayhem) — but the general idea is […]

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October 12 2010

It’s all Totally Rad Lightroom Presets on our Dump to Diamond post today! Our Totally Rad peeps post images that need help on our Facebook wall, then we help ‘em out. Three clicks to the […]

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