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Archive for 'Totally Rad News'

March 19 2013

Hooray! It’s time for a Totally Rad! sale! Save up to 40% off our award-winning actions and plugins. Visit our store now to save tons of cash on your favorite photography tools.

March 13 2013

We’ve taken your favorite Totally Rad! actions and combined them with RadLab to give you the power of Totally Rad! in your pocket.

February 25 2013

It’s that time, time to say goodbye to February. We’ve had a lot of fun here at Totally Rad! this month, and we’re sharing some of our highlights below.

February 13 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day! We made you a little something to show we care. You don’t want to miss this guide to Photoshop’s hot keys.

January 31 2013

Giddy up! We’re wrapping up January here at the Totally Rad! HQ, and before we leave January 2013 behind we want to round up our highlights from this month.

January 23 2013

This week our very own Doug Boutwell will be walking you through the ins and outs of Pro Retouch 2.0 in a free webinar this Thursday, Jan. 24th at 4pm PST. Tune in live to learn so much retouching magic you’ll swear you’re at Hogwarts.

January 17 2013

After nearly two decades in daily journalism as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic and The Chicago Tribune Paul Gero transition his career into portraiture and wedding photography. He is a die hard RadLab fan, and we’re very excited to feature him in a mini-interview.

January 15 2013

One of my favorite adages from the film world is the Sunny 16 rule. Long before reliable in camera metering photographers used it to land the perfect exposure while shooting outdoors. What!? You don’t know the Sunny 16 rule? Good news, we made a snazzy infographic to walk you through it.

January 10 2013

I know I can’t be the only one tormented by the intangibility of digital files, and I’ve put together a simple plan for getting my photos off my hard drives and into the real world.

December 23 2012

Day 12 is here, and it is time for our final giveaway. THE ENTIRE TOTALLY RAD! PRODUCT LINE!

December 22 2012

We’re combining giveaways 10 and 11 into the ultimate giveaway. Today’s prizes from Susan Stripling and Lawrence Chan are the perfect combination of resources to take your business where you want it go!

December 21 2012

You’re amassing gigabytes after gigabyte of family photos, and let’s face it; they’re not doing any good on your hard drive. Paislee Press is the perfect solution. They provide gorgeous digital scrapbooking supplies to get your family memories out of your computer, and into the real world.

December 20 2012

Today’s prize is a $300 credit to Colorati! It is the perfect thing to get you out from under your pile of work, and let you start taking back your life.

December 19 2012

Today’s giveaway will turn you into a photo processing superstar! We’re giving away a copy of Lightroom 4, AMPED, and the Original Lightroom Presets.

December 18 2012

Isn’t it time you get a camera strap as awesome as you are? Then you’re in luck because today’s giveaway is the most BA camera harness system on the market. It’s from HoldFast and it’s called the Money Maker

December 17 2012

Today’s lucky winner will get a brand critique from the talented folks at Big Deal Branding. It is a personalized session to help develop a strategy for moving forward with your business.

December 16 2012

Photography is so much more than taking pictures, and today’s prizes will help you rock the business of taking pictures.

December 15 2012

It’s a holiday miracle! Today we’re going to have two winners! That’s right, two very lucky people will win a customizable website template from Sitehouse!

December 13 2012

Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’re giving away another Kelly Moore Bag! Today’s winner will get his or her pick of any bag in Kelly Moore’s men’s line!

December 11 2012

We’re getting this party started right! Kelly Moore makes some of the best camera bags on the market, and today’s winner will have his or her pick!