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Archive for 'Photoshop Tutorials'

January 15 2013

One of my favorite adages from the film world is the Sunny 16 rule. Long before reliable in camera metering photographers used it to land the perfect exposure while shooting outdoors. What!? You don’t know the Sunny 16 rule? Good news, we made a snazzy infographic to walk you through it.

December 20 2012

Today’s prize is a $300 credit to Colorati! It is the perfect thing to get you out from under your pile of work, and let you start taking back your life.

December 4 2012

We’ve put together an infographic that gives a brief explanation of all the parts that make M mode so boss. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of photography, or so O.G. you can’t even remember what that little “P” on your camera means it is a great primer for Manual Mode shooting.

November 16 2012

The only thing that comes close to our love for photography is our love for talking about photography! Our staffers have decided to get together to share some of our favorite online photography resources.

November 8 2012

Ever wish you could go back and tweak something you did in RadLab? Then I have some good news, you can!

September 26 2012

It is that time of the year everyone! When one of the social media sites we know and love updates their look, and we all need to scramble to design a new profile. Well, FEAR NOT, because we’ve put together a snazzy set of Photoshop Actions that will help you update your profile.

September 5 2012

Pro Retouch 2.0 is an all-new set of Photoshop Actions that blazes through portrait retouching. With a wide variety of tools for every situation, Pro Retouch 2.0 helps make natural, flattering edits a breeze.

August 21 2012

As part of RadLab’s birthday celebration we’ve decided to round-up all the RadLab recipe packs into one place! Join us for an editing hootenanny and pick up any of the free recipe packs that you’re missing from the links inside.

July 10 2012

Let’s face it; Photo editing can be a little scary. There are a million tools, and a million little ways to use them. The good news is we’ve got your back. For this week’s webinar we’re going to collect your questions ahead of time, and at 4 pm PDT on Thursday July 12th Doug is going to give you some answers.

June 13 2012

Along with some great prizes, Doug will be showing you how to get the most of Lightroom with three different Totally Rad! products, including exclusive LR4-only features. Your workflow definitely doesn’t want to miss it!

May 31 2012

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto! Here is a snazzy tutorial for batch processing with RadLab. Give it a view, and learn how to automate your post processing into a hard working assembly line.

May 22 2012

Don’t miss out out on our completely FREE webinars and tutorials! Details on the next Happy Hour With Doug RadCast and some free goodies inside!

April 25 2012

Importing and exporting recipes is a snap with RadLab! Check out these tutorials to be a photo editing iron chef!

January 12 2012

Faded and Blurred discovered a simple method for using RadLab to edit video. Oh yes! You read that correctly, after watching the tutorial video below you’ll have the know how to edit video with your favorite Photoshop plug-in.

January 27 2011

Skintones too orange? This quick Lightroom tutorial will show you how to fix that in seconds.

January 25 2011

Do you find yourself using the same few actions all the time? Are you constantly tweaking your actions by changing the opacity and fiddling with layers? Then this quick video tutorial is for you!

December 28 2010

Have you ever wanted to minimize or remove the glow from some of the actions in the Original Totally Rad Photoshop Action Mix? This video tutorial will show you how!

December 1 2010

To bring this photo from Facebook fan Melissa McMurchy into the land of un-yellow-white balance, we grabbed actions from both the Original Set and TRA2: The Revenge.

November 24 2010

All the cool kids will be at the Totally Rad store on Black Friday — November 26, 2010! Action sets and Dirty Pictures, normally priced at $149, will be just $109.

November 15 2010

If any Totally Rad action is too dark/light/saturated/sharp/soft for your liking, you can modify it to obey your very specific commands! Here’s How.