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February 25 2013

It’s that time, time to say goodbye to February. We’ve had a lot of fun here at Totally Rad! this month, and we’re sharing some of our highlights below.

February 21 2013

This guest post from Julie Kuzmenko McKim will teach you to “read” the lighting in a photograph to figure out how it was made. It is a must read for anyone wanting to learn studio lighting.

February 5 2013

Josh and Michelle Beller are the powerhouse team behind Mi Belle Photography and they’re passionate about documenting weddings and portraits through epic and unforgettable imagery. We were lucky enough to catch up with them for a mini-interview, and their responses are definitely worth a read.

January 23 2013

This week our very own Doug Boutwell will be walking you through the ins and outs of Pro Retouch 2.0 in a free webinar this Thursday, Jan. 24th at 4pm PST. Tune in live to learn so much retouching magic you’ll swear you’re at Hogwarts.

January 17 2013

After nearly two decades in daily journalism as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic and The Chicago Tribune Paul Gero transition his career into portraiture and wedding photography. He is a die hard RadLab fan, and we’re very excited to feature him in a mini-interview.

January 4 2013

Because we’re not immune to New Year Resolutions a big part of our photo talk lately is about what we want to do with our photography in the coming months. We’ve rounded up some of the crew’s favorite photo ambitions for 2013.

December 20 2012

Today’s prize is a $300 credit to Colorati! It is the perfect thing to get you out from under your pile of work, and let you start taking back your life.

November 16 2012

The only thing that comes close to our love for photography is our love for talking about photography! Our staffers have decided to get together to share some of our favorite online photography resources.

September 18 2012

You shot the photos, toiled away editing, and it is finally time to send away for prints. Just one problem, your printer offers a TON of paper options, and you have no idea which to choose. Lucky for you the good people at ProDPI are here to help.

July 10 2012

Let’s face it; Photo editing can be a little scary. There are a million tools, and a million little ways to use them. The good news is we’ve got your back. For this week’s webinar we’re going to collect your questions ahead of time, and at 4 pm PDT on Thursday July 12th Doug is going to give you some answers.

June 13 2012

Along with some great prizes, Doug will be showing you how to get the most of Lightroom with three different Totally Rad! products, including exclusive LR4-only features. Your workflow definitely doesn’t want to miss it!

January 26 2012

I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about January. On the one hand, the New Year is an opportunity to start fresh, set new goals and establish new habits. On the other hand, the New Year brings with it a lot of pressure to start fresh, set new goals and (you guessed it!) establish new habits. Add to that the sheer exhaustion that inevitably comes during the Holidays and January can be a real bummer.

November 16 2011

We caught up with Mathieu Snelson to ask him about the experiences behind capturing the heart warming images from a USMC homecoming that we shared on our Facebook page and Twitter last week.

September 15 2011

Have you ever heard of a 365 project? It is one of the biggest undertakings a photographer can do. Come on in, we’ll tell you all about it!

June 16 2011

Developing a consistent visual style is one of the most important things you’ll ever do with your photography. It will help you create a strong brand, that gives your clients confidence in your work. We recently were able to catch up with the talented Keith Cephus for a quick Q + A about creating a strong visual style.

May 26 2011

The best photographers never stop learning, and there is no better way to learn than to work for someone you respect. To help you improve we’ve collected some of the best advice on second shooting from some of the best photographers out there.

July 7 2010

This is part two of our deluxe bout of He & She goodness.  (Part One lives here.) Today, it’s all about the post processing! TRA: Describe your wedding workflow for us.  Who does what, and […]

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July 2 2010

We sent some question-y goodness over to Southern California shooting dream team He & She, and they responded in a big-bold-badass way.  We’ve decided to split their interview into questions + Totally Rad eye candy, […]

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June 11 2010

A long time ago, in a province far, far away…a girl named Lauren started blog-stalking a guy named Rob. A month later, they found themselves hiking through Europe together. This horrified their parents, of course, […]

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April 1 2010

Since I generally have a recording of each interview, I enjoy going through the audio to glean words of wisdom at a snail’s pace a few weeks after the fact.  For Natalie Norton, I had […]

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