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December 7 2012

Because creating a Christmas list is the worst. We’ve put together this snazzy guide to some of the coolest stuff available for photographers. Now when your mom calls and asks, “What do you want for Christmas?” you can just send her a link. Of course, you’re on your own for teaching her how to buy things over the internet. ;)

December 4 2012

We’ve put together an infographic that gives a brief explanation of all the parts that make M mode so boss. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of photography, or so O.G. you can’t even remember what that little “P” on your camera means it is a great primer for Manual Mode shooting.

November 20 2012

This Black Friday, Nov. 23rd we’re offering 35% off everything in our store!

November 8 2012

Ever wish you could go back and tweak something you did in RadLab? Then I have some good news, you can!

October 22 2012

Are you the person people always come to when they “broke their photoshop”? Do you love photography? Do you live in SoCal? Let’s talk!

October 1 2012

You spend hours editing photos. Do them justice by giving your photos the exposure they deserve.

September 26 2012

It is that time of the year everyone! When one of the social media sites we know and love updates their look, and we all need to scramble to design a new profile. Well, FEAR NOT, because we’ve put together a snazzy set of Photoshop Actions that will help you update your profile.

August 21 2012

As part of RadLab’s birthday celebration we’ve decided to round-up all the RadLab recipe packs into one place! Join us for an editing hootenanny and pick up any of the free recipe packs that you’re missing from the links inside.

August 1 2012

RadLab just turned one, and to celebrate we’re launching RadLab version 1.3! Along with all the great things you know and love we’re adding tons of amazing new features! Details inside!

June 21 2012

We’re looking for help with our help!

Are you the person people always come to when they “broke their photoshop”? Do you love photography? Do you live in SoCal? Let’s talk!

June 13 2012

Along with some great prizes, Doug will be showing you how to get the most of Lightroom with three different Totally Rad! products, including exclusive LR4-only features. Your workflow definitely doesn’t want to miss it!

June 6 2012

Your favorite Photoshop Plug-in can now be used as an external editor in Lightroom! Details inside!!!

April 11 2012

Our totally bitchin’ Facebook Community just got a HUGE facelift. If you give our page a like you now have exclusive access to a 15% discount code, a very special recipe pack, a set of free actions, and discounts to some of our favorite vendors!

March 28 2012

Amped is a brand new set of Lightroom Presets that are just the right add-on to turn your photos up to full blast!

September 21 2011

We’re giving away a $500 apple gift card! What are you waiting for? Get inside the blog!!!

November 1 2010

Lydia Shannon, kudos to you.

June 29 2010

We’ve added a few links at the bottom of blog posts, and one of ‘em says ‘Write for Us.’  If you’d like to be featured for your words of wisdom, tips, tricks, images, recipes, or […]

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April 2 2010

And the ‘My Branding Sucks’ winner is…Erica! We were really torn, there were voting issues everywhere, and so we decided to go to an executive decision between the top two brandees. We promise to triple-test […]

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March 15 2010

There’s a bit of a theme, here…I made a point to see film shooters speak at WPPI this year.  A return to film is the next ‘big thing’ for many pro shooters, so I wanted […]

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March 13 2010

Jonathan Canlas is a lot of things.   A family man with five kids.  An artist.  A guy who looks forward to ComicCon.  But he’s not ‘just’ a wedding photographer.  His WPPI platform, ‘I’m Not Just […]

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