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March 18 2014

Amanda Thomas is an established photographer working out of London and Bristol. Her specialty is in fashion and beauty; and for 15 years, Amanda has worked directly with agency and publishing creative directors to create […]

November 5 2013

We were lucky enough to catch up with William Temple to discuss the stories he tells with his inspirational photography, and how Replichrome I: Icon helped him with his recent switch from film to digital. […]

July 1 2013

Guest post by Geoff Scott, one of our incredible software engineers. Along with developing the magic behind what makes our products work, Geoff has a masters degree in digital photography from the School of Visual […]

February 7 2013

This Valentine’s Day DIY is a guest post by Rachael Smith, creator of the art prints and other lovely boutique paper goods at Penelope and Pip

April 21 2013

Want to be a master of Phone-tography? Then check out this infographic featuring mobile photography tips from the PicTapGo Community on Instagram.

April 9 2013

Join us for an Instameet at the Santa Monica Pier on April 13 at 4 pm! It will be a great way to hang out with the photography community, and we’re giving away free copies of PicTapGo, and an iPad mini to one lucky winner.

March 26 2013

Ireland based photographer Corin Bishop has a true passion for the art of photography. His dedication shows in each of his stunning images. As a long time contributor to our Photoshop recipes site and advocate for Totally Rad! we couldn’t be happier to have him as this month’s feature photographer.

February 25 2013

It’s that time, time to say goodbye to February. We’ve had a lot of fun here at Totally Rad! this month, and we’re sharing some of our highlights below.

February 21 2013

This guest post from Julie Kuzmenko McKim will teach you to “read” the lighting in a photograph to figure out how it was made. It is a must read for anyone wanting to learn studio lighting.

January 17 2013

After nearly two decades in daily journalism as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic and The Chicago Tribune Paul Gero transition his career into portraiture and wedding photography. He is a die hard RadLab fan, and we’re very excited to feature him in a mini-interview.

January 4 2013

Because we’re not immune to New Year Resolutions a big part of our photo talk lately is about what we want to do with our photography in the coming months. We’ve rounded up some of the crew’s favorite photo ambitions for 2013.

November 16 2012

The only thing that comes close to our love for photography is our love for talking about photography! Our staffers have decided to get together to share some of our favorite online photography resources.

October 1 2012

You spend hours editing photos. Do them justice by giving your photos the exposure they deserve.

September 18 2012

You shot the photos, toiled away editing, and it is finally time to send away for prints. Just one problem, your printer offers a TON of paper options, and you have no idea which to choose. Lucky for you the good people at ProDPI are here to help.

August 23 2012

Lets face it, branding is a scary thing. Luckily, there are talented people out there like the heroes at B!G DEAL BRANDING who can help. B!G DEAL BRANDING offers brand strategy for new and used photographers. They make sure you own who you are, find your voice, attract the right clients, and create a surefire plan to get you where you want to go.

January 26 2012

I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about January. On the one hand, the New Year is an opportunity to start fresh, set new goals and establish new habits. On the other hand, the New Year brings with it a lot of pressure to start fresh, set new goals and (you guessed it!) establish new habits. Add to that the sheer exhaustion that inevitably comes during the Holidays and January can be a real bummer.

January 12 2012

Faded and Blurred discovered a simple method for using RadLab to edit video. Oh yes! You read that correctly, after watching the tutorial video below you’ll have the know how to edit video with your favorite Photoshop plug-in.

November 16 2011

We caught up with Mathieu Snelson to ask him about the experiences behind capturing the heart warming images from a USMC homecoming that we shared on our Facebook page and Twitter last week.

September 21 2011

We’re giving away a $500 apple gift card! What are you waiting for? Get inside the blog!!!

June 30 2011

Each and every person who comes in contact with your brand should be converted into a disciple for your business. The Amys from Photo Business Tools have a few tips to help you develop a referral strategy to help you jumpstart your business.