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September 4 2014

During her recent trip to Brooklyn, we asked our friend, Oriana Koren, to document her adventures using our Replichrome II: Slide Film for Lightroom presets. We caught up with her afterward to hear about the […]

August 4 2014

As a full-time photographer, Evan Pantiel was looking for a way to balance the everyday photo assignments that pay his bills and his need for creativity. He found the answer in the subway stations of […]

July 3 2014

Josiah Patterson’s natural light portrait and lifestyle photography perfectly captures the spirit of island life. He mixes both film and digital photography, edited with our Replichrome Presets, to portray a world of tranquil beauty. What […]

April 24 2014

After ten years as a journalist Gábor Muray needed a change. He left his job, slowed down, and returned to photography’s roots. We caught up with him to hear his story as he restarts his […]

April 7 2014

When he was ten-years-old, Scott Stulberg’s father gave him his first camera. With that camera, a new world opened, and his imagination came to life. He grew up processing his own images in the darkroom […]

March 18 2014

Amanda Thomas is an established photographer working out of London and Bristol. Her specialty is in fashion and beauty; and for 15 years, Amanda has worked directly with agency and publishing creative directors to create […]

March 11 2014

Summer Lee is a fine art photographer who primarily specialized in custom, black and white portraits of children. Her unique style completely shatters the perceived genre barrier of child photography, and her photos are truly […]

February 17 2014

Sarah Barlow, a Tennessee photographer with a Big City eye, strives to capture more than just beautiful images. Since receiving her first camera at age thirteen, she has set out to create experiences and tell […]

February 13 2014

Ahmad Dzulkifli is a Singapore based teacher and freelance photographer. We fell in love with his travel images after following him on Instagram with the @gettotallyrad account. We decided to catch up with him to […]

Sony DSLT A99
January 21 2014

Kim Swain began her creative journey in illustration and manga comics. A little over three years ago something changed, and she began expressing her art through photography. She has since built a successful wedding and […]

January 20 2014

Simon Burgess is a talented photographer based in the Hampshire Village of Nether Wallop. After a recent dose of inspiration, he took to his favorite London markets for a unique project. Armed with a Fuji […]

TR (19)_feat
January 14 2014

Oriana Koren is a documentary-minded photographer based in Chicago, IL. She documents people, food, spaces and places throughout the United States. Last week, as the Polar Vortex was heading to Chicago, she braved the subzero […]

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November 12 2013

Damian Tsutsumida is a commercial and wedding photographer. He took his first picture at 13, shot his first job at 16, and officially went into business at 23. He is hopelessly infatuated with photography, which […]

November 5 2013

We were lucky enough to catch up with William Temple to discuss the stories he tells with his inspirational photography, and how Replichrome I: Icon helped him with his recent switch from film to digital. […]

September 24 2013

Words cannot express how inspired we are by the incredible imagery we’ve seen edited with Replichrome I: Icon, our new film emulation presets for Lightroom and ACR. Since the Replichrome I: Icon launch a few […]

July 10 2013

Julia Kuzmenko McKim is an internationally published beauty, fashion & portrait photographer, digital artist, retoucher and educator. She is an International College of Professional Photography graduate represented by Aston Models Agency, Beverly Hills, CA. You […]

Nicole_bw_009 2 WEB JK_resize_feat
July 1 2013

Guest post by Geoff Scott, one of our incredible software engineers. Along with developing the magic behind what makes our products work, Geoff has a masters degree in digital photography from the School of Visual […]

June 20 2013

Remember that one neighbor kid who kept you from making bad decisions? You know, the one who suggested maybe the umbrella wouldn’t slow you down if you jumped off the roof. In the world of […]

March 5 2013

We have a few tips that will help you resist feeling burnt out with your art, and bring back that lovin’ feeling.

June 12 2013

Ireland based photographer Corin Bishop has a true passion for the art of photography. His dedication shows in each of his stunning images. As a long time contributor to our Photoshop recipes site and advocate for Totally Rad! we couldn’t be happier to have him as this month’s feature photographer.