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May 30 2014

With this simple trick you can use our Replichrome family of presets for Lightroom and ACR in Photoshop! Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too. Replichrome in Photoshop: The Best of Both […]

April 24 2014

After ten years as a journalist Gábor Muray needed a change. He left his job, slowed down, and returned to photography’s roots. We caught up with him to hear his story as he restarts his […]

March 18 2014

Amanda Thomas is an established photographer working out of London and Bristol. Her specialty is in fashion and beauty; and for 15 years, Amanda has worked directly with agency and publishing creative directors to create […]

January 21 2014

Kim Swain began her creative journey in illustration and manga comics. A little over three years ago something changed, and she began expressing her art through photography. She has since built a successful wedding and […]

August 26 2013

At Totally Rad Inc., we believe that the best photography tools are made when you combine great image science and a true love for photography.   Two years ago, we set out on a journey to […]

August 8 2013

We’ve all done it. You spend a few minutes editing an image in PicTapGo, move to the go screen and then choose Pic instead of save. Fear not! This tutorial video will show you how […]

July 23 2013

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July 19 2013

A couple of weeks ago, on the blacktop in the Angel Stadium parking lot, something amazing happened. Two hundred and twelve instagrammers got together to create the #lexusinstafilm, a collaborative creation using nothing but Instagram […]

July 1 2013

Guest post by Geoff Scott, one of our incredible software engineers. Along with developing the magic behind what makes our products work, Geoff has a masters degree in digital photography from the School of Visual […]

June 25 2013

Facebook does the impossible. They manage to be both your best friend and worst enemy. They’re essential to reaching your customers, but they update and change so fast you’ll pull your hair out trying to keep up. Luckily, we understand your plight, and are here to help.

April 19 2013

Square format is back and better than ever! We’ve put together a few tips to help you break free of the 3:2 composition mindset and help you tame the square!

January 29 2013

he Capture® Camera Clip System rigidly holds your camera on any strap or belt, keeping it secure and accessible during any physical activity. Our very own Doug Boutwell put it through its paces summiting Mount Edgar as part of his 12 Peaks in 12 months project. Doug breaks down his pros and cons inside.

February 7 2013

This Valentine’s Day DIY is a guest post by Rachael Smith, creator of the art prints and other lovely boutique paper goods at Penelope and Pip

May 21 2013

There are a few things they forget to teach you in photo school. Luckily, experience is the best teacher, and there is an amazing community of photographers in the RadNation! willing to share what they’ve learned. Recently, we asked Facebook community what non-photography related essentials they pack in their camera bag, and we’ve put together a list of the best suggestions for your enjoyment.

May 20 2013

For this week’s tutorial we have another golden oldie from our support pages. Today’s tutorial will show you how to put your most used actions into their own set. It is the perfect thing for streamlining your workflow.

May 13 2013

This week’s mini-tutorial will make you a RadLab efficiently machine. We’ll show you how to assign stylets as favorites to apply them with hotkeys.

May 9 2013

On the PicTapGo blog we’ve started a weekly piece called, “PicTapFeatured.” Each week we choose an amazing photographer who has been using the app to write a feature on. If you’re looking for serious inspiration you should definitely make reading them part of your weekly routine.

April 29 2013

Want to get even more out of PicTapGo? Then check out this mini-tutorial for customizing your filter order.

April 25 2013

Nothing can be more frustrating than shooting with the wrong white balance. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out the infographic below to know when to expect what color temperature. The degrees are in Kelvin.

April 22 2013

For this week’s tutorial we’re giving a sneak peak of PicTapGo’s latest feature.