The Mission

Lets face it, branding is a scary thing. Luckily, there are talented people out there like the heroes at B!G DEAL BRANDING who can help. B!G DEAL BRANDING offers brand strategy for new and used photographers. They make sure you own who you are, find your voice, attract the right clients, and create a surefire plan to get you where you want to go. After becoming fast friends with us on Twitter the good people at B!G DEAL offered to help the RadNation , our online community, conquer some of their biggest branding fears. Last week we set out to poll our community for their branding questions, and to choose one person to win a brand critique from B!G DEAL.

Your Questions: Answered

"What’s the biggest mistake photographers make when it comes to branding?" -Scott

“Photographers need to do THEIR thing. Right now, the industry trend is to copy one another, latch on to the latest trendy design and hope they will have the same success that some big deal photographer they admire has had. What they need to realize is that what works for the big deal photographer, works for them because it’s unique to who THEY are. No one will ever be able to full replicate that because everyone is different. We spend multiple sessions with clients helping them discover what’s unique to THEM and finding a custom formula that helps maximize those strengths as opposed to replicating what already exists. Our advise: own who you are.” -B!G DEAL BRANDING

"I’ve made my logo, but how do I translate that into a brand for my photography?" -Tony

“Unfortunately, your logo isn’t your brand. Our first question would be: Do you feel like your logo is communicating a clear message about who your photography business stands for and what drives you at the core? Design is just another vehicle to solve a communication problem. Without a strategy to back it, it won’t really translate into much long term. We would suggest focusing on a core message you’d like to communicate through your biz and displaying work you’re most proud of!” -B!G DEAL BRANDING

"I can’t afford to do all three right now; which of the following should be my top priority: new business cards (redesigned and printed in some unusual way), commissioning a short promo video for my website, or hiring someone to redesign my blog?"

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