Oh yes! We’ve fallen in love with the latest micro-blogging /social media trend! Our Pinterest account  is still just a baby, but we plan on adding tons of content in the coming weeks. Including recipes, amazing images we’ve found from people using Totally Rad! products, inspiring articles, and a board chronicling our adventures using iPhone images.  

We’re even going as civilians! Rather than get a booth and spend the entire time working, we’ve decided to hang out and party with all the amazing photographers that are even now converging on Las Vegas, NV. Our very own Doug Boutwell ( that handsome devil in all the tutorial videos ) will be giving a demo at the ProDPI booth on Monday at 11 a.m. Be sure to stop by to meet the man behind the curtain, learn more about our products, and score a discount code!  

Stage one of our recipe contest ends Monday at midnight PST. Be sure to get your submissions in before then for a chance to win some amazing prizes including an iPad , a Union Street Laptop and Camera Bag from Ona , or a $149 gift certificate to the Totally Rad! store and some awesome TR! swag. Check out one of our favorite entries below!

Image and recipe by  Cory Ann Ellis .

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